TLRI research

Be part of building new knowledge about teaching and learning in New Zealand

"We think that NZ with the TLRI grants which support researchers to work with schools on issues
that the schools believe are important is something that other places in the world could really
learn from"              

                                                          Professor Tamsin Meaney,  Malmö University, Sweden 

The TLRI is a government fund for collaborative research about teaching and learning in the early childhood, school and tertiary sectors. It aims to build research capability and to make a difference to teaching and learning in New Zealand.

Established in 2003, the TLRI community now involves:

  • more than 400 researchers and practitioners

  • 167 projects

  • more than 150 published research reports and many more associated publications and presentations

The TLRI co-ordinating team is exploring ways to enhance its effectiveness and is committed to activities that are designed and implemented in collaboration with the research community.