Under-3-year-olds in kindergarten: children’s experiences and teachers’ practices

Funding year: 
2 years
University of Otago
ECE sector
Project start date: 
January 2004
Project end date: 
January 2006
Principal investigator(s): 
Dr. Judith Duncan
Research team members: 
Carmen Dalli, Victoria University of Wellington
Research partners: 
University of Otago and Victoria University of Wellington

Project Description

This project investigated the experiences of under-3-year-olds and teachers’ practices in New Zealand kindergartens. Historically, kindergartens have provided an early childhood environment for 3–5-year-olds. As enrolments and waiting lists have dropped, kindergartens have opened their door to children under three years of age, taking them into an environment that was often structured for older children in a larger group setting.
We worked alongside kindergarten teachers to explore the impact of this change on 2-year olds’ learning experiences, and on teachers’ practices generally. Together we identified factors that supported best practices for 2-year-olds, and macro-level factors that influence teachers’ ability to provide positive learning experiences for children.

Project Outputs



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Presentations, conferences and workshops

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Presentations, conferences and workshops

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Presentations, conferences and workshops

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