Shifting the conceptualisation of knowledge and learning in the integration of the new New Zealand curriculum in initial and continuing teacher education

Funding year: 
4 years
University of Canterbury
Post school sector
Project start date: 
January 2008
Project end date: 
February 2012
Principal investigator(s): 
Dr. Vanessa Andreotti
Research team members: 
Dr Kathleen Quinlivan and Dr Jane Abbiss, with UC Education Plus
Research partners: 
University of Canterbury, with UC Education Plus

Project Description

Around the world, researchers and policy makers emphasise that the ways knowledge and learning were thought about in twentieth century, industrial societies will not be appropriate for twenty-first century postindustrial ‘knowledge societies’ and therefore a change of conceptualisations of knowledge and learning is necessary (see, for example, Gee, 2003; Gilbert, 2005; Andreotti, 2010).

This research project tracked the engagement of eight teacher educators with theoretical discussions related to knowledge societies and post-modernity and traced the effect of this exercise on their conceptualisations of knowledge and learning in the incorporation of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) document (2007) in initial and in-service teacher education during 2009 and 2010. As part of the project, teacher educators undertook pedagogical initiatives with students in initial teacher education (ITE) and teachers from schools who were engaged in teacher professional learning, and they researched their own practice. The project sought to contribute to the understanding of how to best support teacher educators, teachers and student teachers to explore and critically engage with twenty-first century conceptualisations of knowledge and learning, and how they affected pedagogical practices.

Project Outputs


Presentations, conferences and workshops

Abbiss, J. (2010). Shifting conceptualisations of knowledge in teacher education: Collaborative research, partnership and power. Paper presented by Jane Abbiss at ALARA (Action Learning and Action Research Association) World Congress 2010, 6-9 September, Melbourne, Australia.

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Quinlivan, K. (2010) Putting Poststructuralism To Work In Educational Research: Using The TLRI Project As A Strategic Site For Re/Conceptualising Re/Conceptualising Curriculum and Teacher Educator’s Shifts in Knowledge and Learning. Graham Nuthall Trust Classroom Research Symposium. University of Canterbury, August 16-18tth, 2010.

Quinlivan, K. (2010) Re/Signifying Teacher Educator’s Shifting Conceptualisations Of Knowledge And Learning Within The New New Zealand Curriculum, European Conference of Educational Research, Helsinki, August 24- 27 2010.

Quinlivan, K. (2010). Re/Signifying Teacher Educator’s Shifting Conceptualisations Of Knowledge And Learning Within The New New Zealand Curriculum, University of Oulu, Finland. September 1st 2010.