Success for all: improving Maori and Pasifika student success in degree-level studies

Funding year: 
2 years
Auckland UniServices
Post school sector
Project start date: 
January 2007
Project end date: 
January 2009
Principal investigator(s): 
Dr Airini
Research team members: 
Deidre Brown, Elana Curtis, Odie Johnson, Fred Luatua, Mona O’Shea, Te Oti Rakena, Gillian Reynolds, Pale Sauni, Angie Smith, To’aiga Su’a Huirua, Matt Tarawa, and Meryl Ulugia-Pua
Research partners: 
The University of Auckland, with the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences; and the National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries, Careers Centre

Research Description

The Success for All project sought to examine the ways in which non-lecture teaching helps or hinders Māori and Pasifika student success in preparing for or completing degree-level studies. Good practice was to be identified.

Research Questions

  • What teaching practices in non-lecture contexts help or hinder Māori and Pasifika success in degree-level study?
  • What changes does research in this area suggest are needed in order to best support Māori and Pasifika success in degree-level studies?