Research value

The projects must be designed in ways that contribute to the TLRI aims of building knowledge and developing research capability in the area of teaching and learning. The projects also need to be designed as partnerships where the collective knowledge of researchers and practitioners is applied to problems in practice.

The proposed research needs to:

  • Pose a research question (or questions) that advances learning in the field and contributes to what is already known.
  • Clearly describe data collection methods which follow a logical line from the questions themselves.
  • Create a data analysis plan that gives an idea of how the data will be managed and analysed and how these data will then answer the research question(s).
  • Detail the quality-assurance processes.
  • Show consideration of the context of practice in which the research will be conducted and give careful thought to the relationships and roles within the project team and issues such as knowledge, ownership, power, and decision making.
  • Involve a team of researchers and practitioners that is led either by an experienced researcher or an experienced practitioner. If the latter, the team needs an experienced researcher acting as an adviser.
  • Provide opportunities for developing the expertise of less experienced researchers.