Strategic Value

The projects must align with current and future priorities for teaching and learning within and across the early childhood, school, and tertiary sectors.  Of special interest is a focus on deepening our understanding about how we might address current inequities in educational outcomes and on creating the teaching and learning processes that will support success for all types of learners in the 21st century.

The proposed research needs to:

  • Consolidate and build knowledge. The questions must align with the most vital research areas in each of the education sectors. Proposals should acknowledge existing knowledge on teaching and learning and research paradigms and methodologies, and demonstrate how the research can build on the knowledge base.
  • Identify and address gaps in our knowledge. Questions need to be posed that will increase our knowledge and understanding about key educational issues within New Zealand. Proposals need to show how new knowledge about teaching and learning would be created to complement, and address gaps in, existing knowledge.


The proposed research may also be forward looking and innovative. It may focus on the development of new constructs and concepts in teaching and learning and on new research paradigms and/or methodologies. It may also focus on innovative policy and practice.